My #teacher5aday update

My life after first term (Spring) of #teacher5aday 

I made a decision that I was going to better look after myself at the beginning of this academic year. Then I came across #teacher5aday which has been a constant reminder to continue to be good to myself in a job that demands more and more of our time and energy, sometimes at the cost of our wellbeing. One term on since the official launch of #teacher5aday, I remain scrupulous in following the prescription.

Me trying to look important

Me trying to look important


Admittedly, Twitter has enabled me to expand my contacts beyond those whom I have made within my daily geography – home and school. My Twitter contact with @researchED resulted in my invitation to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, to talk about my epetition to give teachers free access to research journals in March. But the highlight so far has to be receiving @DiLeed as my guest one weekend in February. We talked as took a walk in West Tanfield along the River Ure whose banks were carpeted with delicate snowdrops. The walk was followed by a delicious pulled pork sandwich at The Bull. Then, we met up again during #rEDCamb with @rachelrossiter and @shinpad1 amongst others, including @tombennett71.

Locally, playing for one if the village carpet bowls teams has definitely brought me closer to several more neighbours in addition to those whom I meet on dog walks!


I continue to use my cameras to share some of the more edifying aspects, usually (details of) landscapes, of life with the world via Twitter and Facebook. What I have observed in my professional life however, I record my reflections on my blog page: 

God’s own country

Road less travelled

Spring is here


After over 10 years of teaching, I decided in September last year that I was going to try to give carpet bowls a go after chatting to a neighbour in our dog walk round the village. “I’d been thinking about it for years, but the time never worked out,” I explained. “Well, we are playing this Thursday. Why don’t you come along and get it a go?” she invited me. I am now hooked. In fact, tomorrow another neighbour is going to take me to try out outdoor bowling in the neighbouring village, West Tanfield, rain or shine. I can’t wait.

Otherwise, I continue to walk with my dog, Poppy – who is my personal trainer, too – daily. I did my Dales Challenge over Easter holiday and took many pictures of some of the stunning spots of the Yorkshire Dales that I am lucky enough to to call home.


My epetition ( is ongoing. Thanks to #teacher5aday, it saw a much needed boost in getting noticed. After my talk in Cambridge, the figure now has risen to over 700. More work is needed here, obviously. The New Year’s Day witnessed the outing of my charity calendar as “Mr New Year”. I do hope that it has raised some cash for a much needed holiday for families who cannot otherwise afford.


Again, I continue to keep abreast of the latest educational debates on Twitter. Through a few job applications and a couple of failed interviews, I think I am getting slightly better at it. Otherwise, I learn to be a better person by reading about some truly humbling stories happening all around us in our daily lives. Oh, and the piano! Tut tut.


About W. S. Lien

Tweed Wearer - Country Lover - Teacher Researching Professionalism and Identity@Clare College, Cambridge - Keen Amateur Photographer - Devotee to Poppy my Labrador
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